Yeah, you spin the bottle!
— Aby, SLEEPOVER - Part 1

Aby in one of the main characters in the SLEEPOVER series and was one of Emily's friends. She debuted in SLEEPOVER -Part 1 and soon died in SLEEPOVER -Part 3.

Aby was invited to Emily’s home where she played spin the bottle. There, she was picked and maked out with Wmily. Upon returning, she is furious to find the others laughing and says that they should spin the bottle. As Andy and Grace are picked, she takes a pic. Later she posts it on the internet. When Emily is murdered by Grace, Aby threatens her though Andy threatens to frame Aby. Later, Olivia Mom and her husband come to find their daughter dead. Leo knocked them out and Aby and the rest escaped, though Andy took her handbag. When confronted by Meanie she says she found it. In the events following, Andy exterminates meanie. After Meanie is released she threatens Andy and Grace. When Emily’s mom poses as Emily, she finds Aby with her handbag. Aby leather watches in delight as Andy gets vaporised by Meanie and laughs at Grace when she is knocked down the corridor. She presumably dies from the explosion.


She has a 3.0 Female Package with peach colored skin. She has black, long hair that goes just past shoulder length with a white bow hair clip. She wears a black tank top that has the number eight on her left side with small writing above the eight. Her tank top is tucked into black denim shorts, and she has a golden leg bracelet that is tied around the top of her left leg. She does not wear any shoes.



Aby and Emily, Both seem to be in a Romantic relationship: when bottle stopped on her during the game, the two went to the kitchen to Make out.

She was shocked over on Emily's death.


The two developed a poor relationship since the Spin-the-Bottle. When Grace had to kiss Andy in front of her and Emily, she was the one who took the picture and not Emily. After her friend died of suffocation, she proceeded to kill (Or Possibly Attack) Grace, but was prevented by Andy. Later Grace blew the school apart, Aby was one of the many that were killed in the explosion as you can see her hair when the building explodes.

Appearance Episodes

  • SLEEPOVER -Part 1 (first appearance)
  • SLEEPOVER -Part 2
  • SLEEPOVER -Part 3 (no lines, death)
  • OLIVIA - Part 3 (last appearance, flashback; cameo, no lines)