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This page is about the character from Criminal. If you were looking for a character of the same name from the same series, see Alex.
Uh, I still don't know what you're referring to.
— Alex, Toxic - Part 1

Alex is one of the characters of the Criminal music video as an cameo. He is a criminal and a lover of Jack.


Frim a young age, he earned a reputation as a criminal. He then met Jack and the two fell in love. Though initially dating, he caught Jack cheating on him with Alex (female) causing him to cry. He was then sent to prison, alongside Alex and Jack. There, he watches in envy as the two stayed together, though was then confronted by Eliza. Eliza casted a spell over his crush, Jack. Jack then came to Alex (Male) cell. Alex female would walk in to find the two males in a cell, and furiously (and after persuasions from Eliza) murdered Jack. A depressed Alex male would then sit sadly in the corner of the cell and lament his lover’s death.


Alex wore a blue and black coat, black pants, and some white boots. He also had a black spikes hair. He also wore a prison jumpsuit in Toxic.



Jack and Alex have a stable relationship during the Criminal event, somehow in Toxic, Eliza told Alex that he should win Jack back but Eliza decided to turn Jack to love Alex again. He cried after the other Alex kill him.


He and Eliza have a close relationship, after Alex enters his cell, he meets Eliza on his bed and saying that he would win Jack back somehow Alex forgot who Jack is but she reminds him to remember. But she turn Jack to love Alex back instead.


Hasn't relation, but Alex was seen crying when the other Alex killed Jack.

Appearance Episodes

Music Videos

  • CRIMINAL (MUSIC VIDEO) (first appearance, no lines, cameo)
  • Toxic (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) (last appearance)