Ashley is a character from Orphanage series. She used to live as an orphan in Ocra's Orphanage and was Lucas' love interest. He, under Eliza's control, ultimately killed her.


Ashley was an orphan during Orphanage where she fell in love with Lucas and the two dated

Ocra forces Ashley to present her with burgers. Ashely sides Lucas and bullies Jake. She is present when Eliza defeeats Orcra and gladly accepts her as a friend. During Orphanage, Ashley then becomes jealous of Eliza due to the admiration she won from Lucas. She then plots to ”destroy“ her. At some point, she then snatches the necklace from Eliza, under the impression that she now holds Eliza’s powers. She then sadistically mocks Eliza, who simply replies that one must be born with the powers, and murders Ashley in cold-blood


Ashley was an overall, extremely mean individual with a jealous type of personality. She sides Lucas in bullying Jake. hinting that she resembles crony-like characteristics. Ashley portrays an understandable jealousy towards Eliza. Her true colours are shown, however, when she snatches her locket and mocks Eliza.

Ashley tends to act without thinking, and loves drooling. It is clear that Ashley resembles some sort of mental issues, ho ting phsycopathy and her time and torture with Orcra may have resulted in Ashley being homocidial.


Ashley had an obese build and, along with Evan, Eliza and Skyler, has darker skin tone than other orphans. She had cinnamon, scapula-length back hair with a black headband. She wore a light pastel-pink, sleeveless crop-top and white denim shorts. She wore dark brown shoes.



Ocra, just like with the rest of the orphans at the beginning, had hostile feelings towards Ashley.

However, from Part 4 onward, the relationship improved between the two.


Lucas and Ashley are generally seen as a good pair, possibly a love one even.

In Part 4, it is revealed that Ashley had dated Lucas before since she said "This is for stealing Lucas from me". Later Eliza turned Lucas to her control again and then possibly killed Ashley.

Appearances Episodes 

  • ORPHANAGE -Part 1 (First appearance)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 2
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 3
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 4 (death)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 5 (corpse, last appearance)