The Ban Hammer is a weapon that debuted in THE QUEEN - Part 8. It was created by Bacon's Staff, which was then used by Red Dress Girl to get revenge on Bianca. It is capable of destroying objects and people, banning people and destroying magical sources.


The Ban Hammer resembles a London Hammer with some modifications that help it look distinct from building hammers. The Ban Hammer has a black, rounded handle with many grip lines for grip. The handle is attached to a light blue bar that is presumed to be made of metal. The bar is connected to a large, rounded metal case to attach the rest of the hammer. The hammer's head consists of a blue material that is connected to two metal, round circles that are used to crush something.


Bacon created a Ban Hammer after being asked to do so by Red Dress Girl. In order to do so, Bacon wanted his clothes back. Then, the hammer was generated, and Red Dress Girl described it as "something that doesn't kill, but finishes". She used it on cell to escape, as well to send a powerful wave of energy towards the King. Bianca was bashed in head few times, dying within the first hit.