Ben's Friend is a minor character appearing in the OLIVIA series. He was featured in a flashback and has not made an appearance since the episode aired.


Ben's Friend has a slightly obese build with a peach skin tone. He wears a blue lightning Adidas hoodie alongside a pair of black denim jeans. He also dons a pair of green sneakers. He dons a black and red baseball cap with a white crossbones logo imprinted on the face of the cap. Additionally, he wears a red bandanna that covers the lower half of his face.


Events of OLIVIA -Part 5 (Flashback)

Ben's Friend is first seen onscreen hanging out in the corridor of the black high-school with Ben. After Ben confesses that he had a crush on Emily's Mother to him, he tells him to ask her out. After Ben was turned down, he mockingly laughs at his attempt but is soon frightened once Ben was infuriated with him.