Caroline is a character from Orphanage series and Evan and Eliza's sister. She came with the latter and is mostly seen as a background character.


Caroline has an obese build like her siblings, but more yellow skin tone compared to them. She wears light blue, knee-ripped overalls over a light pink bra. She wears white shoes with black side stripes. She has long hair hanging from her back and wears a red headband.



Caroline and Evan's relationship started somewhat off, since Evan does not remember her as the older sister. However, he does not seem to despise her in any way, even though she is a potential loner, often sitting on the white couch.


Eliza was the one who urged Evan to remember her, and she obviously remembers her.


Caroline and Ocra aren't shown to have a known relationship yet, but Caroline seems to have a hatred against Ocra for murdering Miss Pinktasic.

Appearances Episodes

  • ORPHANAGE - Part 2 (first appearance)
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 3 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 4 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 5
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 6 (last appearance; no lines, death)