Criminal is a music video by Kavra, published on October 16th, 2016. It shows forbidden love between a criminal and socially normal girl, who eventually turns to the side of the criminality. It uses song by Britney Spears of the same name.


At certain residence, there's a girl named Alex, who's in love relations with Jack, local criminal. Her mother is against this and therefore she tries to stop the relations turning to love and knocks Jack down, taking the gun out of his pocket in process. Her daughter, not listening to her mother, helps him up and they work together to shoot her. Then they leave the household and arrive to park.

At the park, it is revealed that Jack has got a tattoo of Alex's name on his arm, making another person, who had a tattoo of Jack's name, sad. Then it is presented that Alex's mother was not the only one against the criminal love, but two unnamed people too. When seeing this, Jack gets frustrated and throws a knife at man's chest, killing him instantly. His female friend was not spared either; she was shot by Alex. It was not long until police arrive, arrest them and take them to the prison. Once there, the police is making prisoner pictures of them. At this moment, we see Alex with sad expression, seemingly regretting what she did.


  • It is unknown how Alex and Jack met.
    • It is also unknown what was relation between the unnamed person with tattoo of Jack's name and Jack himself and why did the criminal leave him.
  • Official video of Britney Spears shows the similar situation the singer was in the music video.