Daniel is a character from Orphanage series, who was present in Ocra's Orphanage before Evan's arrival. In an attempt to escape on himself, Ocra caught him, resulting in him dying in the tower. However, he mysteriously came back from the dead.


Daniel had an obese build with tanned skin. He had medium blond hair. He wore black upper tracksuit with Jordan logo over a white shirt. He wore black jeans with white sneakers.

After coming back from dead through the unknown means, his tanned complexion changed from tanned to pale. He also lacked any mouth after this event.



Ocra and Daniel's relationship was very poor, which ended up in Ocra catching him in process of an escape. She forced him into the tower, but did not have any prejudice against him once he came back to life.


In Part 1, it is already seen that Daniel and Skyler might be in love. The former tried to convince the latter to escape together but got rejected. Even so, Skyler took care over Daniel until series's finale.


Daniel's death

Daniel's death scene.

Daniel was killed by Ocra's Son. Although his cause of death is unknown, the sound effects added to his death most likely indicates he was mauled to death. The reasoning behind Daniel's murder was due to an escape attempt that had backfired, ending in his death.

Appearances Episodes

  • ORPHANAGE -Part 1 (first appearance, death)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 2 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 3 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 4 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 5 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 6 (no lines)