Eliza is a character from the ORPHANAGE series and BACON'S ADVENTURE. She debuted in ORPHANAGE -Part 2 as Evan's lost sibling. Like her brother, she has powers that she can use to her advantage. During her stay there, she started killing anyone who would start a grudge over her. Skyler saw her as a threat and called the special organization that restricted her to a staff.

Decades later, the staff was found by Bacon and he used it to his advantage. However, the powers that were coming from Eliza weakened in SCHOOL TRAGEDY, and she ultimately escaped from the staff later.

She is an antagonist in ORPHANAGE but as an half-protagonist in Toxic.


Eliza has long black hair, as some of her hair hangs from her shoulders too. She wears a red, plastic headband on top of her head. She has a grey, long sleeved crop top with the word "VERSACE" in different shades of grey. She wears a golden amulet that is shaped in a diamond with a small red gem engraved it. She wears blue denim shorts with black sandals.



At first, she had thought of her as an admirer of hers, but Ashley soon becomes jealous after Lucas had given her a gift. Ashley soon steals Eliza's necklace and shoves her, but her plan to kill Eliza did not work. Eliza soon apathetically kills Ashley after using her seduction spell.


Eliza was the only one who had remembered Caroline from childhood, and traveled to the orphanage with her. Caroline supports Eliza in the battle against Ocra, but shows no worry when Eliza was thrown across the room by Ocra's Son. They are seen sitting with each other on the sofa pondering, but is soon disturbed by Lucas. They do not interact anymore after this scene.


She was willing to try and revive Daniel, but states she was unsuccessful and there was no hope in helping him.


Eliza deeply cares about her brother, and their bond is very close. This is shown as Evan tells her to evacuate the dangerous orphanage. Eliza explains to Evan that it will be okay, and that they should use their powers to help defeat Ocra. At first Evan disagrees, so Eliza uses her powers to defeat Ocra by herself. When Eliza was harmed by Ocra's son, Evan helps his sister and soon kills him. After Eliza had killed Ashley, Eliza tries to help Evan control his powers to discard Ashley's corpse. She also supports him when Evan kills Lucas to avenge Jur. When they were outnumbered by the scientists and police, Evan tries to protect Eliza and himself and kills 3 police. When he was killed Eliza threw herself into rage and kills the scientists and the remaining police officers.

Female Scientist

She despises her and her workmates, and soon kills her with her powers. She was imprisoned in Bacon's Staff after she stood on the capsule containing said staff.


She considers him a stranger, only caring about him because he was her brother's friend. She urges Evan to kill Lucas to avenge Jur.

Lead Scientist

She dislikes him and his group of scientists,and blames him for the death of her beloved brother. She soon kills him with her powers.


She was acquaintances with Lucas after he had given her the blueberry muffin, while Lucas thought that he could use her to his advantage to prevent Evan from using his powers on him. Lucas was soon shocked when Eliza had betrayed him and told Evan to kill him, destroying their relationship.

Male Scientist

She is apathetic towards him and kills him with her powers after the death of her brother.

Miss Pinktastic

Eliza seems to trust Miss Pinktastic, as she will follow her to Orca's Orphanage. However, she shows no condolences as Ocra brutally murders Miss Pinktastic in front of her. She was the social worker of her and her siblings.


She despises Ocra, and plans to kill her after Miss Pinktastic was murdered. She had a backup plan however, and after Ocra had been knocked unconscious, she had changed her personality to a nice and caring nanny. She treats her like a slave after her personality change.

Ocra's Son

She hates Ocra's Son as he had backfired her plan and threatened to kill her. She had to scream for Evan's help after he had thrown her across the room.


She was acquaintances with her at first, willing to help her revive Daniel. It is later revealed that she had contacted the scientists and tries to imprison her in Bacon's Staff, in hopes to avenge her fallen friends, destroying their friendship.

Unnamed Mother

She does not seem to care too much about her deceased mother, but believes she is supposed to grow in her steps. It is presumed that they deeply cared about each other in her childhood.


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Love Manipulation

Eliza is able to enamor males with an aura that instantly makes them fall in love with her. While the affected males are in this mood, they will obey whatever Eliza wishes. This power does not work on family members, females or undead humans.

Ocra Personality Change

Personality Alteration

Eliza is able to change the personality of others entirely. It takes preparation to be able to use this power as stated by Eliza. It will only take effect as long as Eliza is active.

Eliza's Death Inducement

Death Inducement

Eliza is able to kill who she wants after her spells. It is unknown if she is able to control this power or if it only occurs after she is in immediate danger.

Death resurrection

Eliza is able to revive anyone who is dead as seen in bacons adventure episode 5


  • After the death of Caroline, she is the only member of her family to be alive.
  • Eliza's return was foreshadowed by her appearance at Kavra's "Meet and Greet".
    Eliza is alive

    Foreshadowing of Eliza's return.

  • Versace, a logo that appears on Eliza's shirt, comes from an Italian fashion company found in 1978.
  • Even when Ocra's personality was changed, the orphanage was dangerous by same amount because of her violent nature.