They're finally getting rid of my chubby fat R15 sister
— Emily, OLIVIA - Part 3 (flashback)

Emily was a character in the Sleepover series and is the secondary antagonist of the same thing. She debuted in SLEEPOVER - Part 1 and soon died in SLEEPOVER - Part 2. She is the daughter of Ben and his wife.

Emily was the legitimate daughter of Aby and her mom. From a young age, she was spoilt by her mom and teased and tainted her sister, Olivia. At school, she became extremely popular and decided to invites all the noobs for a sleepover though her parents wouldn’t let her. When they are about to drop Olivia to a boarding school, they allow her to invited anyone she likes so she doesn’t get suspicious. There, she has a game of truth or dare and is dared to kiss Amy which she gladly does. Upon noticing that she is being laughed at, she taunts the couple at her house. She then knocks Leo out by making him hold his breath for 20 seconds and commands her girlfriend to take a picture. When sleeping, she is killed when deemed guilty of taking a picture of Andy and Meeree making out. Her death hasn’t been avenged yet, though the entirity of sleepover is based on her death.


Emily had blonde long hair. She wore pink shirt with darker stripes on her sleeves, with title LOVE PINK on the chest part. She also wore black pants and pink Adidas shoes. She wore a necklace which was possibly given to her by her family.


Emily's Mother

Emily and her mother didn't show to have known relation yet, but her mother cares about her daughter and she's was angry that Emily was killed by Grace.


Emily and her father didn't show to have known relation yet, but her father cares about her daughter and he was shocked that Emily was killed by Grace.


Emily and Aby were probably the best friends, but ODers too. After the bottle stopped on her in Spin-the-Bottle, the two went to the kitchen with Emily happily kissing her.

Aby was shocked over Emily's death.


Emily and Grace seem to have a poor relationship, she laughed that Grace had a crush on Andy, and she laughed that she kissed him because of her own cruelty, and seemingly snapped a picture of it and sent it to a social media. Later in the morning, she asphyxiated because of forceful pressure on her mouth and nose by the pillow.


Emily's death

Emily's death scene.

Emily was killed by Grace in SLEEPOVER - Part 2. Grace, who rudely awakens Emily by throwing her blanket off her, she throws Emily across the room. Grace soon grabs Emily's pillow and uses it to suffocate her to death. The reasoning behind her murder was due to a misunderstanding in which Grace thought Emily was cyber-bullying her by posting a photo of Andy and Grace making out.

Appearances Episodes

  • SLEEPOVER - Part 1 (first appearance)
  • SLEEPOVER - Part 2 (death)
  • SLEEPOVER - Part 3 (disguise)
  • OLIVIA - Part 3 (last appearance, flashback)