My queen, we are under attack. (...) the Snow Queen and her army.
— One of the guards' warning to Red Dress Girl, THE QUEEN - Part 6
The Guards are the Kings soldiers.There is apparently predicted to be over 41 of them.They first appeared when Bacon and Red Dress Girl landed. There were many guards who fought against the Snow Guards. It is shown that the guards are set like everywhere in the castle, they last appeared as 2 guards who were killed when the King that got ban-hammered.


Guards wore a yellow and crimson armor, accompanied by dark-brown gloves and armor parts. They've also had pitchfork-like weapons to defend the royalty. As revealed in THE QUEEN -Part 5, their skin is yellow.



The guards and the King seem to have good relationship, first of all the King is their king. They've helping the King to some lessons.


The guards and Bianca seem to have closed relationship, first of all Bianca is the King's toy. Later RDG blame Bianca that killed the King so the guards take Bianca to the dungeon.

Appearance Episodes

  • THE QUEEN - Part 1 (first appearance)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 2 (no lines)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 3
  • THE QUEEN - Part 4
  • THE QUEEN - Part 5 (death)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 6 (death)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 7 (no lines)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 8 (no lines, death)
  • BACON'S ADVENTURE - Part 2 (last appearance; flashback)