Of course, the Necklace of Immortality. It no longer holds it power, the ages have turned it into nothing but a necklace. It belonged to an evil red queen, and with the help of that, she was unstoppable.
— Guider, BACON'S ADVENTURE - Part 4

The Guider is a minor character from the BACON'S ADVENTURE series who debuted in BACON'S ADVENTURE -Part 4.


The Guider has an obese build with a peach skin tone. He has dirty blond hair that is styled into a pixie cut. He wears a black and white plaid t-shirt alongside a pair of denim jeans with numerous brown stains and a pair of brown sneakers. He also dons a pair of black reading glasses.


The Guider first appears after informing Bacon and Noobetta about The Immortality Necklace, who explains that it is meerly a normal necklace ever since Bacon destroyed the amulet with the Ban Hammer. He is soon forcibly teleported to Bacon and Noobetta's campsite and tries to frame them for theft. He is soon possessed by The Wild Witch who uses his body to murder Noobetta in surprise. After The Wild Witch stopped possessing him, he died instantly due to him not being able to sustain a strong enough connection with The Wild Witch.

Appearance Episodes

  • BACON'S ADVENTURE - Part 4 (first appearance, death)
  • BACON'S ADVENTURE - Part 5 (last appearance; corpse)