Jay is one of supporting characters in SCHOOL TRAGEDY. He is Markus's love interest, Chloe's friend and Kendall, Megan and Bethany's nemesis.


Jay is a blonde male with peach colored skin and a slim build. He wears glasses (and a flower wreath since SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 3, which he wore on the prom). Jay wears white shirt with black Adidas logo under a black hoodie of the same brand. He was also shown to wear black shorts.


Jay's first complete appearance was in SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 2. Happy about Bacon's presence, offers Bacon to hang out with Markus and him. Jay and Markus are the witnesses of Meatball's death.

Jay appears again in SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 3, receiving a flower wreath from Markus. He was sad about Markus' death, and took the Red Gun.

At the prom in Gonna be fine, Jay helped a bald Chloe offering her makeup. She looked tremendously pretty, and Jay shoots Kendall, Meghan and Bethany when Kendall ordered her minions to kill them. He avenged Markus this way, and is seen happily dancing in the end.


Jay likes new people who did good things already (Bacon reviving Meatball) and people who are proven to be brave. He is helpful when it comes to despairing situation for another, like when Chloe's weave was snatched. Jay also seems to have no problem with avenging people, as it is shown that he quickly shot Kendall's trio without hesitation after they themselves threatened to kill him and Chloe.

Appearances Episodes

  • SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 1 (Chronologically; first appearance, no lines, cameo)
  • SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 2 (No lines, cameo)

Music Videos

  • Gonna be fine (Production-wise; last appearance)


  • Jay and Markus are the first homosexual couple.
  • Name "Jay" is a nickname for James, Jamie, Jacob, Jeffrey, Jeremy etc.