— Male Teacher, OLIVIA - Part 1 - OLIVIA - Part 7

The Male Teacher is a tertiary character appearing in the Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) and the OLIVIA series. He is one of the teachers that currently works at the Royal Boarding School.


This Teacher has a bulky build with a peach colored skin tone. He has brown, glossy hair slicked to the back of his head. He dons a white shirt with a black business tie that is worn under a black and grey striped jacket. He also wears long black pants and a pair of black shoes.


Events of Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) (Flashback)

He first appears in a flashback that occurs after Olivia is saddened by the absence of her guests. When patrolling the hallways of the school, he overhears Henry, Gina and Claudia tormenting Olivia and soon stops the gang from scalping Olivia.

Events of Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

While patrolling the corridors of the school, he finds out Olivia trespassed into Gina's dorm and questions what is happening in anger.

Events of OLIVIA- Part 2

After taking attendance and explaining what the class would be doing, he informs Henry who comes in late to class to sit and work with Olivia. After lecture was over, he additionally teaches the students attending tuition. He isn't seen for the rest of the video after this scene.

Events of OLIVIA- Part 3

After Olivia is taken to the infirmary, he questions what happened to Olivia to Teal and Danny. Teal angrily exclaims that it was most likely Gina. After taking Teal's advice, the Male Teacher asks Gina to come with him, but is soon stopped by Henry. Henry lies to him and the Male Teacher soon leaves the dorm after being misinformed of what happened to Olivia.

Later in the video, he investigates a suspicious sound coming from the girl's restroom. He barges in and finds Teal holding the decapitated head of Claudia, and soon takes Teal to the infirmary after she faints.