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Maria is one of the four main antagonists that debuted in Amy (HALLOWEEN STORY). She is possibly the leader of the gang which abused Amy and furthermore the only survivor of it.


Maria has got long black hair with a red headband. Her top clothing consists of a black shirt with a opened section for abdomen. Over the shirt she wears plaid red and black jacket. She also wears black Adidas pants with white trainers.



Maria and Jody are known to be very good friends, possibly the best ones. They have helped each other to torment Amy and felt satisfied about it. In the end of the series, the two separated and maybe Maria knew Jody was killed.


Maria and Brian seem to have a close relationship. She forced him to take a picture of Amy in both series and the MV.


Maria and Amy are not known to be any other than enemies. In the original series it seems she bullied her for no reason, but in the MV it is a little lightened up: in fact, Maria was so jealous of Amy being skinny. She almost got murdered by Amy, but spared because of the arrival of the police. Then Amy framed Maria for being the murderer, arresting her.

Appearances Episodes

  • Amy (HALLOWEEN STORY) (first appearance)

Music Videos

  • If you seek Amy (last appearance)


  • She is the final member of her gang confirmed alive.