You're still pretty, you're just not in my league anymore.

Marius (known as Mary in his female disguise) is a male character who made his debut in Part Of Me.


He is kind to people he has a good relationship with, but it is thought that he only befriends them to mask his disguise as an assassin. If he is betrayed by anyone, he is willing to go to risks such as murder. He is easily angered by people who repeatedly compliment his good looks.


Marius has hot pink hair spiked to his right. He dons a white sleeveless t-shirt which is mostly covered by a pair of blue denim overalls. He also wears a pair of black Adidas shoes with white socks. Additionally, he wears two plain white hand bands.

As his Mary persona, he has long, straight pink hair. He has blue eyes and his face is covered in makeup. He dons a sleeveless pink dress that covers his body, from the shoulders down. He also wears a pink tiara.


Marius is first seen in a flashback, talking with Lucy.

He later appears in his 'Mary' persona at school, hanging out with Claudette until Lucy walks into the school. Once Lucy enters the restroom, he, along with Claudette, intrude and sabotage Lucy's looks, making her look unattractive and masculine.

Another flashback occurs, which included his and Lucy's break up. After bringing Lucy to his house, he explains to her he is an assassin in disguise, and uses wigs and makeup to change his identities to help murder people. After Lucy breaks up with him and runs away, he is extremely angered, and becomes her enemy.

At an unknown point of time, he also murdered Lucy's parents as an act of revenge.

After receiving a text message from Lucy, threatening to bring him in to the police, he is lured to Lucy's house where he planned to murder her in her bathroom. However, before he could kill her, Lucy cast a dark spell to trap him in mirrors cross the world. While trapped in the mirror, he is known as 'Bloody Mary'.

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  • Part Of Me (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) (first appearance, last appearance)