Markus is a supporting character from the SCHOOL TRAGEDY series. He is Jay's love interest, hinting he is homosexual. He debuted in SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 1 and died in SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 3.


Markus has peach skin, black hair spiked to the right. He wears a beige long sleeved t-shirt with a small red icon near on the left side of his chest. He wears ripped denim jeans with black Jordan shoes. He wears round sunglasses that are colored yellow, orange, purple and Indigo.



Markus and Jay are boyfriends, and their relationship is very close. Markus and Jay are seen sitting next to each other in class and the cafeteria, and Markus usually gifts Jay with presents. In the Markus Incident, Markus was killed as Jay watched in horror with tears in his eyes. Jay avenged Markus' death in Gonna be fine when he killed Kendall, Megan and Bethany.


Markus and Kendall appear as acquaintances for a short time, when Megan and Bethany paid Markus to talk and become friends with Kendall. Markus comforts Kendall while she was talking about her deceased mother, and Kendall soon develops a crush on Markus. Markus revealed he did not want to be in a relationship with her because he is already with Jay, terminating the new relationship. Kendall later tells Megan and Bethany to brutally murder Markus with shotguns, which hinted that she now disliked Markus.

Appearance Episodes

  • SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 1 (Debut, cameo, no lines)
  • SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 2 (Second Appearance, one line)
  • SCHOOL TRAGEDY -Part 3) (Death, last appearance)


  • Markus and Jay are the first potential homosexual couple.