You should get to class, nerd.
— Meanie's Friend, SLEEPOVER - Part 2

Meanie's Friend was a character in the SLEEPOVER series and was one of the Meanie's friends. She debuted in SLEEPOVER -Part 2 and soon died in SLEEPOVER -Part 3.


Friend initially notes that Aby seems very suspicious. She is gleeful when her friend return from prison and shocked at Emily returning. During the cafeteria, she listens to Emily’s mother posing as Emily rant about who killed her. She watches as Meanie falsely accuses Andy of it and watches in amusement as Andy gets dissolved. She then shoves Grace down the corridor and sniggers at her. She was killed during the explosion.


Meanie's Friend wore flower barrettes on her long, brown hair. She also wore a crimson shirt with Jordan logo and black bra under it. She wore denim shorts and black and red shoes.



The Friend and the Meanie seem to have very good relation, after she was hanging out with Aby, Emily and the Meanie somehow. After the death of Emily, she helped Meanie to dump Andy in the chemicals.


The Friend and Grace seem to have poor relationship, after Grace killed Emily for posting the picture where Grace and Andy kiss. Later Grace blew up every person in the classroom, including her.



Meanie's Friend was bombed by Grace after Grace had fallen into fury over the death of Andy. She had killed all of her schoolmates and destroyed the entire school as a result of the explosion. Her death is confirmed as Meanie's Friend's remains can be seen flying after the explosion impact.

Appearances Episodes

  • SLEEPOVER - Part 2 (first appearance)
  • SLEEPOVER - Part 3 no lines, death)
  • OLIVIA - Part 3 (last appearance, flashback, no lines)