Ikr it smells like someone's died.
— Minion 2, BULLY - Part 3

Minion 2 is one of the characters from BULLY and THE QUEEN series. She seems to be one in the group's top in THE QUEEN. She is a member of her gang, with remaining part of it being Sia and one Minion.


Minion 2 has long spiked brown hair, black shirt with white stripes, a swag necklace, dark shorts and white and black shoes.



Minion 2 and Sia are best friends, Sia picks this minion to be part of her gang, she, Minion 1 and Sia began hunting Red Dress Girl, Noob, Blue Boy and a prisoner.

Minion 1

She and Minion 1 didn't show to have known relation yet, but the another minion is part of Sia's group and they possibly seem to be best friends.

Red Dress Girl

She and Red Dress Girl seem to have very poor relation because of helping Sia to frame RDG. Later RDG invited her and Minion 1, and gave them poisonous Green Tea and killed them that way.

In the end of THE QUEEN, she and RDG seem to be good friends after latter releasing her from Dungeons among others.

Appearances Episodes

  • BULLY - Part 3 (first appearance, death)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 3 (first reappearance, no lines)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 4 (no lines)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 5 (no lines)
  • THE QUEEN - Part 8 (cameo; no lines, last appearance)