Miss Pinktastic is a minor character in The Orphanage series. She was the social worker who took care of Evan and his sisters and brought them to Ocra's Orphanage.


Miss Pinktastic, as her name states, is completely dressed in various pink colors. She has lavender-pink short hair and she wears glasses with pink heart lenses and magenta frames. She wears baby-pink tank top with a chibi art of a pink bear (only its head). She also wears pink shorts with cherry patterning.


During an Unknown time before the beginning of the series, Miss Pinktastic took Evan in, and later brought him to the Ocra's Orphanage. Before she left, she had to sign some papers. Before Jur could Warn Evan about the orphanage, she had to farewell Evan and left the place, she also seemed to be very happy with keeping Evan as the adopted son.

She returns in Part 2, when she brings Eliza and Caroline and becomes suspicious of Ocra holding a knife. At the moment the nanny has paperwork for Mrs Pinktastic again, Evan breaks free from the Tower and recognizes Eliza. After listening to Evan, Miss Pinktastic decides to call the police, but is prevented by Ocra stabbing her. It is unknown where her corpse is.


Miss Pinktastic is, after all, very protective and nice: after bringing Evan to the orphanage, she was sad to leave him there. She even brought his sisters to make him feel like he had company. She is a social worker and activist against child abuse (in this case Ocra abusing the orphans) and almost called the police.