Ocra (a.k.a. the Nanny) was the nanny of the orphanage she ran and was the main antagonist for the first three parts and the finale of the Orphanage series.


Ocra is nanny with an unsettling appearance. She has muscular structure with black pointy glasses and black hair tied in a bun. She wears a dark grey jacket with a white ROBLOX logo on left side. She also wears black shorts, shoes and leggings with white stripes.


Ocra's true colors are shown as soon as Mrs Pinktastic leaves. She psychotically threatens the orphans and chases them through the living room. Instead of following them, she ran straight into the kitchen and sat there, psychotically screaming to be fed. Ashley brings her a tray with hamburgers, with Ocra poking her eye. Then she ate all hamburgers along with the tray. She caught Daniel trying to escape and escorted him to the Tower. She also found Evan "hacking" (using his powers) and brought him to tower too, though he escaped later on. Then, Mrs Pinktastic brought Eliza, Evan's lost sister, and his older sister.

Her unprepaired status made Mrs Pinktastic partially accuse Ocra of being, actually, a murderous being. In order to stop being caught by police, Ocra murdered Mrs Pinktastic. Eliza then unleashes her powers and commands Jur and Lucas to kill Ocra. They remove Ocra's glasses and hair, and she calls for her son to help. When she is released, she targets Eliza, but Evan puts her under telekinesis. Eliza then puts a colossal amount of her powers on the Nanny. Suddenly, she has a Completely Opposite personality channeling her other one.

Ocra's happy and friendly personality did not last until Part 6. Possibly after Eliza was captured. she became old self again and possibly assassinated Caroline, Skyler and Daniel. It is not known what happened to her after the orphanage closed down, but she is most likely deceased.


In contact with the social workers, she maintains a mild & calm personality, but soon as there is no one else in sight she becomes psychotic, violent or both and psychically tortures the orphans. Whenever some of them makes the slightest mistake, she brings them to the tower to their unfortunate demise.

However, after being assaulted by Eliza's spells, she becomes completely innocent and pure, portrayed by her happy expression and bald head and lack of the glasses, which makes her even more cute! However, it was not long until she somehow became old self again.

Appearances Episodes

  • ORPHANAGE -Part 1 (First appearance)
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 2
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 3
  • ORPHANAGE -Part 4
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 6 (last appearance, death)