The Principal is one of supporting characters in SCHOOL TRAGEDY. He is Kendall's father.


Principal has an obese build and round head like his daughter used to. He has chestnut brown, messy hair. He wears dark gray coat over a white shirt with a black tie. He wears black shoes and dark gray pants.



Kendall is Principal's daughter and they had daughter-father relationship. He was furious when he saw how Megan and Bethany changed her body.

The relationship worsens in Gonna be fine, when he forbids Kendall and her minions to go to prom. The former then ordered the latter to shoot him.


Principal was kind towards Chloe after finding out Kendall, Megan and Bethany tormented her.

Appearances Episodes 

  • SCHOOL TRAGEDY - Part 1 (first appearance)

Music Video

  • Gonna be fine (last appearance, death)