The Speech Mirror (or simply Mirror) is an item that appeared in the SCHOOL TRAGEDY series. It was created by Eliza who was trapped in Bacon's Staff.


The Speech Mirror is identical to a typical handheld mirror. The inner glass is shaped into a tridecagon, and is surrounded by a silver lining, which connects to a large handle. It is unknown if this mirror is reflective.

The mirror will emit an aquamarine aura and will overflow itself and the affecting beings in blue bubbles. This effect will only work when it's powers are currently being used.


Kendall finds the mirror

Kendall finds the mirror.

Events of SCHOOL TRAGEDY - Part 2
The Speech Mirror was created in the cafeteria by Eliza who was currently trapped in Bacon's Staff. Meatball had mistaken it as a gift, and had accidentally given Bacon the ability to speak after she had faced the mirror to him. After Bethany and Megan had killed Meatball, the Speech Mirror was dropped by her corpse and was stolen by Kendall.
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Kendall mutes Bethany and Megan.

Events of SCHOOL TRAGEDY - Part 3

Kendall is thrown into fury after she had found out Bethany and Megan had paid Markus to talk to her. Bethany, Kendall and Megan head to The Principal's vault after they kill Markus and Kendall uses the Speech Mirror to punish them after the Markus Incident.


  • Despite disabling the ability to talk, Bacon can still say "Hello u guys, wanna teem?".
  • After being muted, a person can still show facial expressions. Such examples are seen in the Gonna Be Fine (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) when Bethany and Megan steal Chloe's wig. (1:01)