I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, and what you did to Olivia, come near any of us again, and I'll make you wish you hadn't.
— Teal, Olivia - Part 4

Teal is a supporting character in the Olivia series and the Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO). She is Danny and Olivia Hart's best friend.


Normal Teal has an obese build and has a peach skin tone. She has long, curly black hair that reaches the outer area of her spinal column. She dons a grey wool zip hoodie with "Pink" imprinted onto it, with long grey drawstrings dangling from the hood. She also wears black Calvin Klein ripped denim pants and a pair of white sneakers.

Perspective Teal has the same build and skin tone as her normal form. She dons a pair of teal tinted circle glasses She has curly, long teal hair that reaches the outer area of her spinal column. She dons an off the shoulder top with many different shades of teal imprinted on it. She also sports black pants and a pair of teal sneakers.


Events of Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

Teal sits with her friends, Olivia and Danny. When Olivia becomes saddened by the fact no one arrived at her birthday party, Teal slightly cheers her up by slicing the cake for the three. Olivia soon has a mental breakdown and heads towards the window to sob, so Teal attempts to uplift Olivia, blaming Gina for the current situation.


Teal attends her class, sitting next to Olivia. Class is soon dismissed, and she climbs the staircase with her friends to their dorm. Gina's gang soon intrudes and begins to torment Olivia, while Teal watches in horror.