Welcome class, today we will be talking about this potion a touch from this and you will turn into ice temporarily any questions?
— Tutor, SLEEPOVER - Part 3

The Tutor (better known as "Teacher") is a character from Sleepover and teacher of the class.


The Tutor has a blonde hair, blonde beard, dark suit, dark grey business shirt, white shirt, black tie, dark pants and some black shoes.



The Tutor and Aby seem to have closed relationship, the Tutor was studying classmates to hear some lessons. Somehow after Aby was talking, the Tutor is mad at Aby for not learning.


The Tutor and Emily didn't relation yet, but he thought that Emily's Mother was Emily in disguise, the Tutor was mad at her after the disguise Emily smashed to the door. Later he was telling that why she wasn't in school yesterday.



The Tutor was bombed by Grace after Grace had fallen into fury over the death of Andy. She had killed all of her schoolmates and destroyed the entire school as a result of the explosion. His death is confirmed as Tutor's remains can be seen flying after the explosion impact.

Appearances Episodes

  • SLEEPOVER - Part 2 (first appearance)
  • SLEEPOVER - Part 3 (death)
  • OLIVIA - Part 5 (last appearance, flashback)